Friday, January 13, 2012


Inspired by the ways the Kristin at Couponing to Disney saves for her trips, I knew I could start saving now and start saving in very small ways! Instead of tossing some of the boys toys they weren't playing with anymore the way of thrift store donation and instead of saving them for ages in hopes of putting together a garage sale some day, I've been posting them on a local buy and sell facebook page. Well, today someone was coming to pick some up so I had them pulled out. Titus really needed to know what was going on with these toys. So I explained it to him. To my amazement, he understood! But I suppose it helped because we created our first savings jar.

Pretty simple project. I had one of these jars in my kitchen empty, and honestly it was the first thing I grabbed. Titus (and JJ) sat on my lap at the computer and we talked about all the different things we were so excited to see at Disneyland, found some images and printed them off. Grabbed some good ol' Elmers All Purpose glue and created this goodness.

For my sake on the back we have a tally that can be filled in as we save. Yes, that first goal is for $2000. And yes I said first. That's the major, have to hit one.

So it's official we've started saving. After I made the transaction of the two toys for the very first ten dollar bill towards our trip. Oh my how I should have made a video of Titus as he put that simple ten dollar bill in the savings jar. He was overjoyed!

And there you have it, we're really on this adventure now!

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  1. It will be here before you know it!!! So excited to watch your journey unfold!